Aline Bozec

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Aline Bozec

Department of Medicine 3
Lehrstuhl für Innere Medizin III

Room: Room 3.032
Glückstr. 6
91054 Erlangen

Research area:

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Aline Bozec obtained her PhD degree in Biochemistry in 2004 from University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 where she worked on the effects of in utero exposure to environmental factors as endocrine disruptors on male fertility.

In 2005 she joined E. Wagner’s Laboratory at the Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP) in Vienna (Austria). Her research focus on the fundamental aspects of AP-1 transcription factors on bone biology. She moved to the CNIO in 2008, as a Staff scientist in E. Wagner’s Laboratory, BBVA Foundation – CNIO Cancer Cell Biology Programme.

Since 2012 she joined the Medizinische Klinik 3-Rheumatologie und Immunologie in Erlangen (Germany) as junior professor (Emmy Noether grant) in Osteoimmunologie and then in 2019 as full professor in experimental immune therapy. Her group particularly focused on crosstalk between metabolism, bone homeostasis and inflammation.

The main research focus of the Bozec Lab is to elucidate the cellular and molecular mechanisms altering the bone marrow under disease challenges such rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, and cancer metastasis. Using in vitro and in vivo gain- and loss-of-function murine models, she uncovered very important roles of the immune system in the differentiation of bone cell types such as osteoclasts and osteoblasts. Currently, we are describing the molecular mechanism, by which i) altered transcription factors signaling in immune cells affects adaptive immunity and inflammation, and ii) how hypoxia inducible factors in B-cells controls autoimmunity, infection and bone metastasis.