Training in general professional and transferable skills

In cooperation with the Graduate School of Life Sciences at FAU (, the Research Training Group of the Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Research (IZKF) and the Graduate Center of the FAU, the RTG will continuously offer a variety of seminars and workshops on general professional and transferable skills for young researchers. The seminars and workshops usually take one to two days.


Mandatory workshops (to be taken during the first 6 months of training)

1-day workshop with lectures and seminars organized and presented by the spokesperson, selected PIs of the RTG and members of the FAU (ombudsman; Graduate Center), following the FAU regulations and other guidelines.

1-day workshop on project management, the organization of laboratory work, literature retrieval, and the collection, archiving and sustainable retrieval of research data, which will be offered by RTG members, professional trainers and the FAU (university library, UB).

(Only if animal experiments are part of the project): 3-day seminar with practical demonstrations to obtain the FELASA B certificate on animal experimentation. The Franz-Penzoldt-Animal Center (FPZ) of the FAU and UKER offers this course biannually.


Optional workshops, courses and seminars

This 2-day workshop will provide an introduction into life science research-related statistics and the statistical evaluation of laboratory and clinical data.

This 1-day workshop gives an overview on the methods and applications of bioinformatic analyses, especially of bulk and single cell RNA seq data.

Courses are offered regularly by the “Department English for Academic or Special Purposes” of the FAU Language Center.

For these 1- or 2-day courses, professional trainers will be hired, who have been working with the FAU and other academic institutions for a long time. Emphasis will be on scientific presentation skills (oral, poster) as well as on the writing of research articles and grants.

The FAU Animal Welfare Officer and PIs of the RTG will organize a ½-day seminar that presents the official EU guidelines on animal experimentation as well as statements by the DFG, Leopoldina and the German Society for Immunology (DGfI). The seminar aims to make the doctoral candidates familiar with the legal requirements, the necessity and the limitations of animal experiments.

Representatives from academic and non-academic institutions will provide insights into professional options after obtaining a doctoral degree (e.g., postdoctoral research training inside or outside Germany, academic research administration or coordination, R&D or marketing in biotech or pharmaceutical companies, monitoring in centers for clinical studies, governmental and public health organizations; public and private media). Seminars as well as site visits (e.g. Biotech companies) will take place during the 3rd year of training.

In a ½ day seminar, external experts will provide insights into gender (in-)equality, sensitization and competence in science.