Lectures, seminars and research meetings

Lectures, seminars and research meetings

For all doctoral candidates in natural sciences/human biology, there will be a mandatory kick-off series of lectures and seminars on the background, aims and methods of the entire RTG, on anticipated collaborations between projects as well as on infectious disease immunology and molecular microbiology, organized as block event at the beginning of the training program (1 week, whole day). The state-of-the-art lectures and seminars allow all the doctoral candidates (1) to become familiar with the overarching goals and the individual projects of the RTG, (2) to learn about the available technologies and instruments within the consortium, and (3) to catch up with current views of host-pathogen interactions and effects of metabolism and micro milieu on immune responses. At the end of the days, there will be “happy hour mixers” with all doctoral candidates and PIs to promote team-building.

ECI is an interdisciplinary center of the FAU which organizes colloquia with renowned national or international scientists based on suggestions by the PIs. In the future, the doctoral candidates of the RTG 2740 will invite guest speakers, whose research is of high relevance for the objectives of the RTG, to give talks within the ECI seminar series (two RTG-specific seminars/month, during the semesters). The invited speakers will usually spend one day in Erlangen. Those doctoral candidates will meet with him/her prior to the seminar to present and discuss their own work and are also invited to join the after-talk dinner.

The Metchnikoff club of all doctoral candidates will take place as a 1-2 hour jour fixe twice a month. Doctoral candidates will present recent publications and discuss methods, difficulties and results of their projects in an informal setting (without PIs), but can also invite a PI or external scientist for in-depth presentation of a technique or specific research project (“meet the professor” format). The Metchnikoff club will also be the organizational platform for the ECI seminar series (discussion of potential guests, suggesting candidates to PI who will function as host).

The Medical Immunology Campus Erlangen is an interdisciplinary center of the FAU. Its “Immunological Colloquium” with national and international guest speakers takes place weekly on Tuesdays at 5.15 p.m. during the semester and covers the entire field of immunology, because it is run by the major immunological research institutions of Erlangen. Invited scientists usually stay for one day in Erlangen and are available for discussions with PIs and doctoral candidates.

All RTG doctoral candidates will participate in the lab meetings of their own research group and participate in the progress reports and journal clubs of the respective institute, department or clinic.