Jonathan Jantsch

Prof. Dr. Jonathan Jantsch

Director Institute of Medical Microbiology, Immunology and Hygiene

Uniklinik Köln

Goldenfelsstr. 19-21
50937 Köln

Research area:

The Jantsch lab’s key interest is to understand which tissue conditions promote a successful antimicrobial immune response. In this context, the lab focuses on the reciprocal influence of the local sodium balance and local (tissue) metabolism on host-pathogen interaction. The focus of the work is on the role of innate immune cells (especially macrophages) in models of cutaneous leishmaniasis and Salmonella infection. In addition to various methods in molecular biology, immunology, bacteriology and parasitology, the Jantsch lab employs technologies such as inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectroscopy, luminescence imaging of oxygen, laser speckle contrast analysis for tissue perfusion and together with collaboration-partners (hyphenated) mass-spectrometric techniques. This will provide new insights by including the complexity of tissue microenvironment into host-pathogen interactions.